Sunday, June 27, 2010

A portrait ...

It is a strange thing, but, what is perhaps one of my finest drawings, I can only take some of the credit for it, not all. See, I have never, try as I might, been able to draw a good close-up of a face. I was never able to. Until I cheated. A trick I learned from an old friend.

I found an absolutely beautiful picture on The Internet, put my piece of paper against the screen, and traced along the outline of the profile. I also traced the facial features. After that I just looked at the picture to draw it.

I actually used two different versions of the same picture. One was dark and closely cropped, the other was clear and you could see more of her.

I would like to link to both o them but that wouldn't work, so, here is a link to the first picture:

I am not sure exactly when I drew the picture, but I believe it was sometime around February or March. I think.

It is the only one of my drawings of it's kind, and I am rather fond of it. Forgive me if I sound smug, but, I think my picture even better that the original. Only a little though, only a little.

Have a glorious day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Shepherd

Here is another one of my drawings. It is called The Shepherd, for reasons I need not explain.

It is a bit different from my other ones, in a few ways, actually. First, it is in an open field, my pictures are always in forests. And second: his clothes. He is wearing a simple tunic and sandals. The men in my drawings are always wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, boots and sometimes a jerkin, and, from time to time capes. Basically just very medieval. But I like this picture very much. It is one of my favorites.

Perhaps, 'tis partly because I like shepherds so much. I admire so greatly the qualities needed to be a shepherd. I have herd that that sheep are the second stupidest animals there are (The first being turkeys, so I've been told.), so he must be very patient, and extremely watchful, as they will eat poisonous plants. He is also very gentle and caring, and strong. A man is only
truly strong when he is first gentle. I could be wrong or something...

...but I doubt it.

Have a glorious day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Drawing

I am an artist. All of you, my dear readers, know this. But, sadly, you have seen precious few of my drawings. I decided to do something about that. I couldn't before, seeing as how our scanner was not very good. We have a new, wonderful, scanner now, and it works beautifully! My dear sister, Kae, scanned a few of my pictures for me, cropped out close ups, re-sized them and put them on my computer. For this I am extremely grateful.

I chose to to do this one first, as a sort of a thank-you post for my sister: this is one of her favorite of my drawings. You can click on them to make them larger to get a better look.

It is of a fellow and his friend beside a little waterfall and pool. His name is Ariel, Ariel Anavah. Please don't think of Ariel as a girl's name. It was first masculine, Hebrew, "Lion of God". Anavah is also Hebrew, meaning "meek", for such is the lad. I do not know the name of the girl.

I started the picture on January 16, and probably finished it within the following weeks. I always amused that, since their clothes were so nice, they had gone out for a walk before a feast. Being young and merry folk, this walk broke into a run and she scaled a tree.

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Dear Mother...

I wish I had a beautiful poem to recite, but I have none. I even wish that I had words fitting and dear, but these are far from me. All I have to say is this: I love you my dear Mother more than any person I have ever known or ever shall. Let all the world become as darkness to me if I should ever stop loving you.

This wretched world does not deserve you, and those who know you are the most fortunate people there are because they do.

This post is for you, on the anniversary of your birth. I shall always remember it because you are dear to me.

I love you My Dear Mother.