Monday, April 4, 2011

King Henry IV

I recently finished reading King Henry IV parts I and II. They were reasonably interesting but not overly so. As I really do not have much to say about the two plays, I figured I would just cover them both in one post.

Best Character (For both plays): Prince Hal (Prince Henry, son of King Henry IV, afterwards King HenryV.) I found him most likable. I also liked his friend, Ned Poins very much. The two of them were great together.

Worst Character (For part I): I really did not like Henry "Hotspur" Percy. I just really did not like him. I was rather happy when Hal killed him.
Worst Character (For part II) I really could not say.

In a Word: Interesting.

Rated: PG13, drinking and some language. (If you took out Falstaff, it could be PG.)

Crowning Moment: I believe that my favorite parts in both plays were when Prince Hal and Poins were playing pranks on Falstaff. In part I, they all (Hal, Poins, Falstaff, and a few of Falstaff's friends.) planed a highway robbery, but Hal and Poins didn't show up, and after Falstaff and his friends held up the travelers, Prince Hal and Poins (in disguise) held up them. It was pretty sweet. And in Part II, they dressed up as waiters at the tavern where they always are loafing around, and picked on Falstaff.

It was, as I said, reasonably interesting. But not nearly as interesting as some of the bard's other works, say, Julius Caesar or Othello.

I do, though, look forward to reading 'King Henry V' and seeing what becomes of Prince Hal once he is King.

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