Friday, November 11, 2011


"The world needs love and kindness, I feel that and I know that. When I imagine the big masses of negative emotions that people create every day, I feel ashamed for this. Our beautiful world was created for happiness. People should create their own happiness and warm everything around with it. They have enough power for that, but they don't believe. It's bad. There are also people who can prove with their life that people see what they want to see. Think of the sun and you'll see the sun even in a rainy day. It can come and scratch it's rays to your face to make you smile... Do you believe that thoughts are alive and material? Have you ever thought about this? You can change your life if you believe."

This is something that one of my friends said to me. It was really to beautiful and thought-provoking not to share. Read it closely and think about it.

Julie :)

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