Monday, January 23, 2012


"Adapting to circumstance is it's own skill. As General Patton once told me, to a good soldier, there is no such thing as "unfamiliar territory." You either plan where you're going or you make the terrain your own the second your boots touch the ground. Patton, of course, had the luxury of marching into the future one day at a time, but he wasn't wrong. It's tempting to want to live in the past. It's familiar. It's comfortable. but it's where fossils come from.

"My job is to make tomorrow's world better. Always has been. Once, long ago, I asked Bucky what purpose Captain America served outside of combat. It was a foolish question. There'll always be something to fight for. And I'll always be a soldier. "

~Capt. Steve Rogers (In his personal journal, a book I seriously wouldn't mind having a copy of.)


Anonymous said...

That does sound like a very interesting book! How did you find it?

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

Sadly, no, TRAGICALLY, it's not an actual book. Cap was just writing in it in the end of one of the comic books I was reading. It should be a real book, though: "Captain America's Journal: A Book of Wisdom for the Soldier in All of Us."