Friday, December 18, 2009


The monument of duke Branimir in Nin, Croatia

My last post was about a place in Croatia; now this post is about a Croat: Branimir, Duke of Dalmatian Croatia. He reigned from 879 to 892.

His name is an old Slavic name, and could be translated as "defender of the realm", or "defender of peace", as the word "mir" means peace in Slavic languages.

Branimir's predecessor was Zdeslav of Croatia and he was succeeded by Muncimir of Croatia

Under Branimir, Croatia was recognized as a state, totally independent from both Frankish and Byzantine rule. Throughout his life, Duke Branimir worked on increasing Croatian independence.

I looked for websites about and/or pictures of Branimir and could not find much of anything except on Wikipedia:

The picture is from Wikipedia and not my own.

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