Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jelena, Queen of Croatia

Statue of Queen Jelena, Solin

Jelena of Zadar (also known as Jelena the Glorious), Queen of Croatia, was the wife of Croatian King Mihajlo KreŇ°imir II. They jointly ruled over Croatia from 946 to 969, a period which was marked by "peace, order and expeditious growth". Queen Jelena was "revered by her subjects" and "most adored for her charity".

Here is a great page that I found with information on the reign of Jelena and her husband.

Jelena died in October 976 and is buried next to her husband in Sv. Marija. The royal inscription on her sarcophagus is amongst the most important ( and most beautiful, I think.) epitaphs discovered by archaeologists.

"In this grave rests the glorious Jelena, wife of King Mihajlo, mother of King Stephen. She ruled/ brought peace to the Kingdom. On the 8th day of October 976 from the incarnation of Our Lord..... she was buried here. During her life as Queen she was also mother of orphans and protectress of widows. May those who look here say: God have mercy upon her soul."

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