Monday, February 8, 2010

Mount Field National Park

Horseshoe Falls

I am ashamed of myself. Really, I am! The reason is that I underestimate countries. It has happened more than once and it will probably happen again. I underestimated France: I didn't think that it could have some of the coolest forests I had ever seen (seen in pictures that is; I've never been there) or the coolest mountains (I am going to do a blog post on the Pyrenees). I underestimated Croatia: I thought that it was so boring that I even forgot that I knew about it. But, when I was reminded of its existence, I discovered the Plitvice Lakes and other neat stuff. This time it was Australia. Yes, Australia.

Lower curtain of Russell Falls with upper tiers visible at top of image

Let me explain. I saw an absolutely beautiful picture of a waterfall (I love waterfalls) , looked to see where it was, and was
shocked to see that it was Australia. When I think of Australia I think deserts, hot, dry, deserts. And eucalyptus trees, of course.

Lower curtain of Russell Falls

It had never, not even in my wildest dreams, entered into my head that there might be waterfalls in Australia.

Lake Seal, Mt Field National Park

I love water. From a puddle in a forest to oceans, grand and wide, from a tiny creek to great rivers. I even pay tribute to this wonderful thing in the title of my humble blog. And rain, I love rain. In other words, I am mildly obsessed with the hydrosphere (that is the scientific name for all of the water on earth) .

Lady Barron Falls at Mount Field National Park.

But I think that perhaps one of my favorite ways for water to be is falling over rocks (something that only water can do comfortably) in a lush green forest with ferns and moss.

Horseshoe Falls

Mount Field National Park is truly a wonderful place and I am most happy that I discovered it.
I found this website that has information about it, in case you were interested in learning about it.

Robert Tarn, Mackenzie Tarn and Johnston Tarn (foreground to background), Tarn Shelf

I do feel most bad about thinking that Australia was next to all desert. Really, if you had asked me where I thought that this picture (above) was taken, I would probably have said Iceland. Isn't that sad? (I love Iceland, by the way)

Horseshoe Falls at Mount Field National Park.

And this picture, my favorite one, I would have guessed New Zealand (I love New Zealand, too) or some place like that. Yes, my dear reader, I am truly, deeply, sadly, ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the Great Barrier Reef is Australian, too. (More water!!) I've always thought it would be awesome to go scuba diving there.

Mount Field is beautiful!.

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

Yeah, I guess you are right.
I too have thought that scuba diving would be fun, although, I was never particular about the place. :)


Julie said...

P.S. I never doubted that Australia was beautiful, I just never expected waterfalls.


Anonymous said...

Great poem!! And by a MacNab, too!!! Must be a distant relative. :)

~ A.K.

The Night Writer said...

Do not feel such shame, or at least do not believe you are alone in it. I too, was amazed at the Australian things of beauty you revealed in this informative post. Previously, when the continent....or country.....when Australia had entered my mind, only thoughts of the Irwin family and of rocky desert lands had accompanied it. And of course, of kangaroos.

Many appreciations for setting my mind straight on this matter.
~The Night Writer.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Julie said...

Thank you, Knight Writer, for your kind and encouraging words. :)


Ruth said...

Julie, You find the most beautiful places to put on your blog! :) I hope you get to visit them one day!