Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wallace sword

I feel as though I should give a bit of a disclaimer here: due to the fact that all of this happened so very long ago, it is not actually known (as near as I can tell) whether or not The Wallace Sword actually did belong to William Wallace, so, we shall just assume that The Wallace Sword did belong to Wallace and go on with our post.

The Wallace Sword is an antique claymore (from Scottish Gaelic claidheamh mòr, "very big sword"). I am forever astonished by the its size! It is, from guard to point, 66 inches (5ft 6in).The blade of the sword measures 4 feet 4 inches in length (132cm) and including the handle 5 feet 6 inches (168cm). The breadth of the blade varies from 2.25 inches at the guard to 0.75 inches before the point. The sword weighs 6 lb (2.7 kg) Legend has it that Sir William made a scabbard for his sword out of the skin of one of his enemies, but this is somewhat disputed. It is reasonable to assume that in order to carry, let alone wield, the sword Sir William Wallace must have been a man of considerable physical, as well as virtuous, stature. In fact, it is estimated that to be able to wield the sword Sir William must have been at least six feet six inches tall. The sword was traditionally kept in Dunbarton castle until 1869 when, of course, it was more fittingly placed in the New National Wallace Monument. I found this cool place with lots of information about the Wallace Sword:

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