Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Plivice Lakes

I know, I know: I've all ready done a post on the Plitvice Lakes. But I felt the need to do another one, for a few reasons. First, that post was only the second I had ever done (i.e, it wasn't that great) and second,
the lakes are so pretty and I wanted to share with you how awesome this place is.

Really, the other day I was looking at pictures of them and thinking:
wow these are awesome, I have to do another blog post on them. Well, more or less.

In case you were wondering, this is the only picture, so far, to appear twice on my blog

The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, hast to be one of the
coolest places; I would absolutely love to go there and see them for myself. Do you know what's really cool? Years ago, when I was a little kid, I saw a documentary on The Plitvice Lakes. Of course, I had no clue in a million years where they were, or what their name was. So, all these years later, I was looking up stuff about Croatia on The Internet and I discovered The Plitvice Lakes. And, even though I hadn't previously known the name, it wasn't long before I realized that this was the place that I had seen in the documentary.

Croatia has such an interesting color to it. No, no, not a historical color or cultural color (Well, it has that, too.) I mean an
actual color, an odd, blue-greenish-gray chalky color. The trees, the rocks the grass, the water, all seem to have that color that I see only in Croatia. (In pictures: I've never been there.) It is not a color that I am fond of, but no other place is really like it an any way so I do find it extremely interesting.

I have thought, from time to time, that at The Plitvice Lakes, in some places, it looks like the plumbing is broken, like there is a leak somewhere with water just randomly gushing out.

I have been reading a bit about Croatia lately and it really does sound like a neat place. It is really a dreadful shame that my geography book made it sound so dull, as dull as you can make something in one little paragraph. I really can't forgive it for that: I, generally, forget about things that are, or at least, sound dull. It is my opinion that geography books should be interesting and well written and that people should be well informed on the subject: NO one should have to ask where a country is. I speak from experience, Dear Reader.

My first Plitvice Lakes post had some great links to places that had lots of information and pictures. So if you are interested in more than my jabbered opinions, you can look there.

You probably read several posts ago how much I love water. Well, The Plitvice Lakes to a person who is obsessed with waterfalls, streams, lakes, springs etc., is like a car junkyard to a person who is obsessed with rusty metal. In other, more poetical words, a dream come true. Really, this place is
awesome! Extremely AWESOME.

All of these glorious pictures are from
Bruno Monginoux /

Thank you so much for your glorious site of beautiful, free, pictures.


Anonymous said...

So, are you planning a trip yet?


The Night Writer said...

There were pictures you posted of these Lakes that literally had me staring in complete mesmerization. The first, in particular, put up a struggle when I tried to look away from it.

Thank you for showing us, and telling us about, this utterly gorgeous location!

Jlie said...

Thank you very much, He Who Writes At Night! This place is absolutely amazing! I do wish so very much that I could go there!

Oh, yes! I had never thought of it that way before, but the pictures are quite mesmerizing...