Thursday, May 6, 2010

Citadel and Fortress...

Greetings, my dear Friend.

I am now the proud authoress of two blogs. Fear not:
By Castle and River is still my favorite and my main blog; the other, called Citadel and Fortress , is going to be all about castles.

If I do a post about a particularly interesting or beautiful castle, (The term for the two together is
cool.) I will do a post of it here.

Now you might think, "But your Blog is called 'By
CASTLE and River'! Why don't you just blog about all of your castles on it!?" And I have an answer: the word "Castle" in my title does not necessarily imply that I am blogging about castles, but rather, a world where castles are not ruins, museums, and places for people to visit but mighty structures where great kings rule and powerful armies defend.

If you are not impressed, just wait: it will soon improve.



Anonymous said...

I love reading your stuff. It's so much fun! :) What a delightful world you live in!

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

Aw...thank you ~A.K.~, that is so sweet. It makes me very happy to here it! Thank you so much.

The Night Writer said...

The world you are bloggin about is a world I wish I could visit. Alas.

However, to get my dose of it, I will most assuredly be checking out your upcoming blog! Many thanks once again for your interesting and insightful postings.

Julie said...

Yes, my friends, it is a wonderful world. One must pay a price to live there though, a price that I ether don't mind paying or am willing to pay.

Maybe some day you will get to visit, Thomas. until then, I am glad that I can share bits of it with you and ~A.K.~ and my other friends.