Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 1781

Okay, I am SO mad that I did not know this. I mean, it should be like a National Holiday, like 4th of July! This is way more important, a little less cool perhaps, but way more important. And I'd never even heard it before, it was just chance that I found out today.

I was sitting on my bed reading this awesome history book from 1970, reading about the Revolutionary War. I'm always learning neat stuff. Like today alone, I just learned that the famous John Paul Jones was from
Scotland! ("I have not yet begun to fight" is cool enough, just imagine is with a Scottish accent!)

As I was saying, I was sitting there reading and all of the sudden I came across these words "October 19, 1781." HEY! That's Today! The day that Lord Cornwallis surrendered and We the People of the United States won the war for Independents.

Maybe it is common knowledge and I alone didn't know, but I still think that today we should be celebrating.

God Bless America

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