Thursday, October 14, 2010


Queen Elizabeth I of England

Would you like to know one of the things that I find fascinating, people's hand writing. Really, I always like to see how someone writes how they sign their names, how people in history wrote.

See, when I was a kid, I always thought that Walt Disney's signature was what popped up under that little castle. There are a few singularities, but the real thing is much, much, cooler.

Some signatures (most, actually) like Queen Victoria's, above, I find impossible to read. I cannot even read it when I know what it says.

Others are quite recognizable. I consider this one, above, to be the most famous one in history. It is.

And this one, above, I find very interesting. It looks like it says Winstons Churchill. It actually says Winston S. (As in Spencer.) Churchill.

This other one, below, is very rare. Only six originals exist, so they say. I think it is quite interesting. I'll let you guess who's it is.

And this last one, I deem it my favorite. For reasons I don't think I have to go into.

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