Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Flows the Forest River

I drew this picture some time ago. Kae scanned it and I put it on my blog to do a post of it and then I forgot about it. I just now saw it again and decided I should publish it.

It is called, Black Flows the Forest River. I know, I know: It a little stream, not a river. But when Rhett and Dante (The couple in the picture.) go down into the forest, and lean against the tree, Rhett sings to Dante a song called Black Flows the Forest River. See, while I was working on the picture I was inspired by it to write a poem.

I went to the forest

To see my maiden, lovely and fair

Her hair flows about her face

As sunbeams upon the air

And there I sang, I sang a song

Black flows the Forest River

The river ever long

Black flows the

Forest River

Golden flows my

Maiden's hair

Have a wonderful day!


Anne said...

A hero and his lady ~ so beautiful!

Julie said...



Anonymous said...

Nice! I like the detail on the neckline of her dress.

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

That is Kae's favorite, too! :)