Friday, December 31, 2010


Today was like spring. The weather was perfect, perfect to me, that is. And with the snow that we had melting, that made it seem very much like spring. And once, while I was out side, I could have been positive that I smelled crocuses. And I know for a fact that there aren't any right now. Only paper whites. But it really was very much like spring today. I guess if winter was a hurricane, we would be in the eye right now. That is the way it seems. It was lovely.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

It has been a bit warm here, as well, and our snow has been melting, too. It'll be colder again in a day or two, though, and we'll probably get more snow. :)

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

Well, we probably won't get more snow...

It will get cooler though, I am sure of it. :)