Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pyrenees Mountains-II

As I promised, more pictures of the Pyrenees Mountains. I still can't spell that without looking to see how.

I love the way the water in the stream/s flows almost level with the ground. Around here, all of the streams and rivers have high (O.K, relatively high.) banks. And are in mud, not beautiful rocks and grass.

And again here. Isn't it wonderful?

These next two pictures I think are absolutely the coolest. The water in the lake is so still and clear, and it reflects the mountains around it so wonderfully, that the little islands appear like they are floating in mid-air. If you lean back and squint your eyes.

Pretty awesome, huh?

The amazing pictures are from Bruno Monginoux /

God Daeg.


Anonymous said...

Almost looks like someplace in Middle Earth, doesn't it? :)

~ A.K. ~

Anne said...

So gorgeous! Wouldn't you love to live somewhere that beautiful? I sure would!! :)

Julie said...

Of course, ~A.A~, why do you think I like it so much? :D

And yes, Aunt Anne, (I didn't have the heart to just say 'Anne'.) It would be awesome to live somewhere that beautiful! There is a little country in the Pyrenees called Andorra, I think it would be totally awesome to go there sometime. :)