Friday, July 1, 2011

The Comedy of Errors

Well, that was a short play! Old Will's shortest, I believe.

Quite honestly, I hadn't been looking forward to reading 'The Comedy of Errors.' I mean, it about people being confused, and I really don't like confusion. It was so short, though, so no one was confused for overly long.

Worst Character: There wasn't one.

Best Character: I liked Æmilia very much, even though she was only in the play a little bit. The two Dromios handled themselves very well, considering all they had to go through. :)

In a word: Chaotic

Rated: PG

Crowning Moment: Oh, without a doubt the end, when they realized that it was not one cheating, madman, but honest, sane twins. It was a very happy joyous moment.

:) :) :} :}

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