Friday, July 1, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost

I'm not sure if it was that I was rather tired of Shakespeare when I read 'Love's Labor's Lost', if it was that I took so long to read it, or if it was the play itself, but for some reason, I really wasn't impressed.

The plot is interesting, though. I mean, a King as his three followers swear not see any women for a year (among other things), and then all four fall helplessly in love. But the execution was a little bit lacking, in my humble opinion. I would have enjoyed it much more if I was reading a copy of the play that has little helpers at the bottom of the page to tell you what they are saying.

Worst Character: Oh, there wasn't one.

Best Character: Ah, I liked Moth. But I do have a weakness for pages. Biron and Rosaline were my favorite couple. And I think that is just because they said a bit more than the rest.

In a word: Honorificabilitudinitatibus

(If you don't know it, look it up. ;) )

Rated: Maybe PG.

Crowning Moment: Again, if I understood the language better, I would appreciate it more, and be better able to say what the best part was. I liked the end, just because I took so long to read the play: I was glad to be done with it. It was interesting, though, the way all of the girls told all their respective guys that they had to wait a year, and then they would see if they would marry them. It was a very good idea, actually.

A sequel would have been nice.


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