Monday, February 21, 2011


When I was a little kid living in California there was a radio advertisement for a brand of wine. I always liked those ads. And at one point, the man says in a quiet, soft voice describing eventing time, something to the extent of: "..and the Earth softens a little around the edges." Maybe that would make so sense to some people, but it makes sense to me, and it is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Twilight.

When the sun has set, but it is still kind if light. And the air starts to cool off a bit, but you can feel that everything else is still warm. The Earth softens a little around the edges, and the air has the most fabulous feeling.

It wasn't like that this evening. But it was close. Not even very close, just close. It was the warmest evening there has been in a long time.

I was sitting out on the front porch with my little cat Tiger, just enjoying the nice air. Very nice things happened. I heard a frog again (We've been hearing them off and on the past few days.), I saw a daffodil (Only the second one!), and I saw a bat. It was so small and fast. I didn't like them when I was little: they are so very ugly. But when it is twilight and they are flying up high, and you can't see their hideous little faces, they look rather nice. It was the first one I've seen this year. But where there are bats, there are bugs. I don't like that part.

It was so very nice. But it has always been one of my favorite times, when the Earth softens a little around the edges...


Anonymous said...

I remember those ads. They were for Bella Sera ("beautiful evening") wine. And I know exactly the feeling you are talking about. :)

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

Yes! I was wondering if you heard them, I just thought that you left CA a long time before that.

" is going to be a beautiful evening, or as they say in Italy, it is going to be a bella sera." :D

Anonymous said...

I did. However, they were aired in other places, too. ;)

~ A.K. ~