Monday, May 23, 2011

Measure for Measure

It had no great soliloquies, no memorable speeches, it wasn't funny, and it had no mighty tragic heroes. And in spite of that, Measure for Measure was one of the most interesting plays I've ever read.

Worst Character: Angelo, of course. He was the single most hypocritical character I cam recall ever knowing about. I mean, dude, he is hypocriticalness personified. Seriously.

Best Character: The Duke, Vincentio. He was really, really cool. He was every bit as awesome as Angelo wasn't. He was very clever and fixed everything and set it all right. He was wise and kindhearted. It make me very happy that he and Isabel got married. (Well, he proposed at the end of the play. I suppose they got married...) I also like Isabel very much. She was neat, too.

In a Word: Interesting.

Rated: ... I really don't know...

Crowning Moment: I have said before, the best part of almost every Shakespeare play is the end when everything is solved and resolved. It was the same with Measure for Measure. I also really liked it the first time Isabel came to Angelo to ask him to spare her brother, Claudio's life. It was just neat.

(Note: I have now read 15 of Shakespeare's plays. Just 12 left to go of the 27 I planed to read. But you know what? I recently got this giant "Complete Works of Shakespeare" book. So, I'll get to read all of his plays. Someday. But for now, I'll stick to the plan and just read the 27 plays. )

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