Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tempest

Well, I recently finished reading The Tempest. It was... .... .... different from all of Shakespeare's other plays. It was short and strange, unique in so many ways. It doesn't really fit into any of the categories that all of his other plays fit into. It is to intriguing to be called a comedy, even though it usually is. It has lovers in it, but not enough to be a romance. It is not a history. And it is in no way a tragedy, it had a very happy ending.

It is The Tempest, and nothing more.

Best Character: Well, Prospero. I really like Ariel, too. I couldn't give you a reason, I just like him. (Yes, ''Him." Ariel in a male even though he is often depicted female. The name must through them off. But "Ariel'' is a masculine name.) I even liked Miranda and Ferdinand. They are probably my favorite Shakespearean couple.

Worst Character: The evil Caliban. (Obviously) And all of the other troublemakers in the play. (There were quite a few.)

In a word: Artistic

Rated: PG13

Crowning Moment: Ah, hard to say, really. I guess the end, where Prospero made everything right. That is usually the best part, when all the conflicts are resolved, Jack has Jill, the bad guys get what they have coming, and all is now well in the world. It is just nice.

It is a very artistic play. That may sound a bit odd, but to me, it is like art, like a sculpture and a poem. It was very visual for a play. It had much more to do with setting and sound and appearance than the other plays do. It is rather hard to explain.

It was a fascinating play.

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