Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Core

Sometimes I wonder if I will never be a good writer.

See, I have come to realize that part of being a good writer has a great deal to do with what is inside the person, their thoughts and their feelings. One of my favorite writers has a truly unique and wonderful way of seeing things, in himself and in the world around him. I very often think how much I would like to write like him, but then I think to myself, I will never be able to think like him, how could I even hope to write like him?

I do understand that it is not wholly the thoughts that make the writing, but still, so often I will read something and think, I can't even think of stuff like this, how could I ever write it?

I have many, many thoughts that I could write, but I am afraid they would be rather dark, and I would not like to depress my reader. I very often think of pleasant things to write, but I almost always think of them when I am brushing my teeth, or lying in bed at night, or any time I do not have access to a computer, or even paper.

I also wonder if I write about myself too much. I hardly ever talk about myself, which means I have a lot to say, so I write it. I mean, a person should write about something they know, I am pretty much all I know about. If you are sick of hearing talk about myself, I'm sorry. But trust me, at least I know what I am talking about and not muddling my way through something I really don't understand.

And then there is the trouble of thinking of a conclusion...

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