Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Once, when I was a little kid (I don't know how old), my family and I were invited over to somebody's house for diner. All of the adults were sitting outside and all the kids were hanging out inside (Just asking for disaster, right?).

Well, as I recall it, one of the little boys (Who I never liked, by the way) stole a little bag of toys from one of the little girls (Who was a sort of friend of mine) and ran off. I think one of the kids might have said something about telling a gown up, but it was a very long time ago so I don't remember that well. But I, without a moments thought, ran after him, pushed him down, and gave the little bag back to the girl.

I got in trouble.

Now you must understand, this was before I ever knew about Spider-man or Batman. I was acting purely on what I thought was right, not following what I'd seen someone else do. I didn't do it because I just wanted to push that little boy over, and I didn't do just because the girl was a friend of mine, I did it because he had taken something that wasn't his, and it should be returned to its rightful owner.

Vigilante. I didn't even know the word at that time, but that is exactly what I was. I took the law into my own little hands, so to speak. And for that, I go in trouble. I had to sit outside with the grown ups for the rest of the evening. It was humiliating.

I wouldn't do anything like that now days, at least, I hope not. But I admire that little kid. I admire her, because she did the same thing the superheroes I look up to do: catch thieves. Because she didn't hesitate to restore stolen property. Yes, I know I was wrong to take the matter into my own hands, I should have just waited for an adult to come and take care of things. But I am glad to know that even at a young age, I had a strong sense of justice, albeit a tad twisted, it was strong.

* * *

I was recently in a group that was asked the question, which would you prefer: harmony or justice. That is kinda a trick question. I mean, is it true justice or false justice? True harmony or false harmony. I once heard a quote: "Where there are peacekeepers, there is no peace." There could be the appearance of harmony, but underneath, is anyone happy? But anyhow, I instantly, without a moments thought, chose justice. Because where there is true justice, there will be true harmony.


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