Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking In

The snow is covering my boots, it is above my ankles now. But my feet aren't cold; my boots are thick. I can see my breath in the dim light coming form the nearby tavern. It's starting to snow again. It is cold and dark, but not in a gloomy way. It is silent and utterly serene. I close my eyes and feel the beauty that is all around me.

A sound breaks the silence. Laughter. Merry laughter form the tavern. I move closer and stand by the window. They have a great fire blazing inside. The light shines out the window and makes the snow by my feet glow orange. I can hear them all laughing and talking, and I can almost smell the warm food cooking in the giant oven.

I shiver in the cold and pull my cloak tightly around me. There is a hot fire inside the tavern, but it is so peaceful outside. I just stand by the window. I steal another glance in. I see a familiar face in the crowd. He looks up and sees me. I smile broadly, he grins and halfheartedly gestures for me to come in and then turns back to the lively conversation. I could go in. It would be nice inside. But I wouldn't get to watch the snow falling. I wish with all my heart that he would come out into the night so we could talk a bit. I know he would like the clean fresh night air much better than the stuffy air in the tavern. I look back in the window. No, he is to happy in the crowd to come out and watch the snow fall with me.

It would be nice in the tavern. I'll I'd have to do is go around, open the door, and walk in. It's a nice thought, but I know that if I did go in, I would miss the snowy night. I look back at my friend and see him laugh at something someone said. They are having such a grand time, I think. I think about going in. But I know deep down that I never could; my heart would stay outside in the clear night and going inside would only make me sad.

I smile at the snowflakes that are melting on my nose and walk slowly off into the darkness.


Anonymous said...

I would stay outside too....


Julie said...